Summer holidays
Veneto Innovazione will close from 12/8 till 16/8/2019. Activities will resume on 19/8/2019.




9-11/12/2019 Naples: 8th European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications Piero Lunghi Conference - EFC19

The 8th European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications Piero Lunghi Conference - EFC19, aims to to bring together academia, research world, industry, public sector to exchange and share their experiences and research results... more




27/06/2019 EU Brokerage Event on KETs NMBP - Call 2020 & 360°
Focus on Key Enabling Technologies, nanotechnologies, advanced materials, advances manufaturing and processing ... more



Announcement of an open call for recipients of RTO Services
KETGATE finances six transnational pilot projects between SMEs and RTOs that focus on the use of one or more key enabling technologies in all industrial sectors... more



Digital Transformation: call for experts
Smart Space just launched a transnational call for experts interested in  supporting digitalization processes in SMEs in the Alpine Space... more



A success story by Veneto Innovazione
Veneto Innovazione supported SOLWA an Italian start-up developing a green and sustainable technology able to treat polluted water and seawater using only solar energy..... more


Technology Transfer Database
If you need a certain technology or innovation to complete your business or a business application for your technology, Enterprise Europe Network can help. more


JANUARY 31th 2019
Park Hotel Ai Pini – Via Miranese 176,
30174 Venezia Mestre – Italy

This KETGATE BROKERAGE event is dedicated to six Key Enabling Technologies:
·         Nanotechnologies
·         Advanced Materials
·         Biotechnologies
·         Advanced Manufacturing Systems
·         Photonics
·         Micro-& Nanoelectronics
The objectives of the brokerage event are to present the unrivaled opportunities of the KETGATE Platform and to prepare future cooperation among participants.
During pre-arranged b2b meetings:
SMEs will have the opportunity to
·         meet representatives of leading applied research organizations in Central Europe,
·         initiate cross-border contacts
·         present, discuss and exchange ideas about SME challenges and how innovative technologies can tackle those challenges
·         start up future research collaboration for the implementation of KETs solutions
RTOs will have the chance to:
·         Meet representatives of SMEs from all Central Europe.
·         Learn and understand the current challenges of the industry
·         Present their innovative technologies and discuss them with SMEs’ representatives.
·         Prepare future research collaboration with transnational SMEs
·         Find synergetic collaborations with other RTOs in the field of key enabling technologies.
Evolve your practices, collaborate across Europe, and cultivate attractive relationships that will last far beyond the event — join us at the KETGATE brokerage event.
The brokerage event is free of charge but registration is mandatory since the number of participants is limited.

Detailed instructions how to set up a profile and request meetings can be find here:


9.00 – 9.30 Registration, welcome coffee
9.30 - 10.15 KETGATE presentation and organisational information
10.15 - 12.30 B2B Meetings
12.30 - 13.30 Lunch Break
13.30 - 15.30 B2B Meetings
15.30 - 15.45 Coffee break
15.45 - 16.45 B2B Meetings
16.45 - 17.00 Final remarks

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